Custom Framing



With thousands of options it’s easy to be overwhelmed when choosing framing and matting elements. That’s why it’s our job to make it easy for you. By asking questions about your art, your home, your tastes, or your loved one that you may be creating a gift for we can help you find the best options. We carry anything from traditional to transitional, contemporary to classic, rustic to refined. We work closely with our vendors and partners to ensure our selection is up to date and the hottest trends on display.


Heirlooms & Photos

Preservation Framing

Using museum quality materials are only the beginning of preservation. We carefully consider each piece to determine the proper methods to mount and display them. With a community of preservation experts and continuing industry education, we are able to ensure we follow the best practices for each piece.


detail of home needlepoint in wooden fram
needlepoints & more

Fiber Art

Fiber art requires special handling and materials to ensure that it’s presented beautifully and carefully preserved. Needlepoints are blocked to straighten, and jerseys carefully folded and sewn into place. All the materials and techniques we use are museum quality, using industry-recognized techniques and methods. Our methods are reversible, and we do not use tape or glue to mount these delicate materials.


collectables & heirlooms


Family heirlooms or collectible memorabilia are easily hung on a wall on a hook, but we can create beautiful shadowboxes that complement and protect your treasures. No matter the shape and size we can source a proper mount to securely and safely display anything, and with our partners can engineer creative solutions for especially difficult projects.

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